Watch This – 10 Steps To Fix Relaxed Hair Breakage


Most women suffer from hair breakage due to bad weather, terrible hair products or mainly because they do not care much for their hair. With breakages, it’s get a little tricky because you have to get rid of the weak hair before healthy hair starts to grow. 

We have a perfect tutorial video by Sw33tSparkl3 showing us 10 steps to take if you want to get rid of hair breakage.

Firstly she talks about how she got her hair to bounce back from its damaged state due to breakage and several things that are bound to cause hair breakage. She also gives us an idea of simple things to do in other to prevent your hair from getting to that point – more of protective styles, deep condition your hair, hot oil treatment and more.

So if you are looking for the right things to do to help prevent hair breakage, watch this video.





Video –








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