Watch This – Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration #DIY


Oh boy! Valentines day is barely a week away and I am sure a lot of you ladies have already starting searching for something exciting to wear on the faithful day. 

As we all know, there will be quite a number of ladies dressed itching to nail that day with their significant other and also coordinate their outfit to fit the colour of the day; red.

This DIY gotten from Ovoke shows, in easy steps,  how to make a pretty jumpsuit ahead of Valentine’s!




Video –

Nikki Anyansi is a music head who loves to write but doesn’t read books that are 300 pages long. She loves to tell her style story through her Instagram page, by sticking to her originally. She can literally hate you for killing pets but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat animals.  You can keep up with her on Instagram @nikkiandteesor bore yourself with her once a week tweets on Twitter@nikkiandtees






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