Traditional Wedding Beauty Inspiration From Banke Meshida Lawal


Makeup to most Nigerian women is like food to the soul. For me, I see it as a way enhancing your beauty from 60% to a 100%. Most women like to use it everyday, while some use it on very special occasions like birthdays, engagements or weddings.

Speaking of engagements, in Nigeria we pay so much attention to the kind of makeup to wear on that special day. Some people go for very flamboyant looks while others love the natural makeup look.

A lot of makeup artists in Nigeria have perfected the art of makeup and also understand just how a typical Nigerian woman likes to look on her wedding day.

Banke Meshida Lawal of BMPro is one of such professionals and her work over the years serve as beauty inspiration to a lot of people.

If you are a soon-to-be bride and you haven’t picked out the looks you want for your engagement,  here are some gorgeous looks by top makeup artist Banke Meshida Lawal to give you inspiration.


Engaement makeup inspiration 8

Engaement makeup inspiration 5

Engaement makeup inspiration 4

Engaement makeup inspiration 6

Engaement makeup inspiration 2

Engaement makeup inspiration 3

Engaement makeup inspiration 7

Engaement makeup inspiration 1





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