Wey Lately – Swimming In It


In this part of the world (I’m in Paris) the transition from winter to summer is pretty exciting. Out with the coats, in with the bikinis. It’s time to flaunt that bikini body you’ve been working on for the past few months. After putting away my winter essentials, I gladly went on a swimwear search because a girl needs it. 

I found a few favourites and here they are –

Bold Enough

Kanda High Waist Swimsuit


Tess Blue Cape


Of course, the trusted Andrea Iyamah swimwear brand was my first stop. There’s something about the high waist swimsuits that just seems very sexy.  This look would definitely make you look forward to being at the beach.

Claire Sulmers
Claire Sulmers


The Onsie

Zubaida Zang

This swimsuit features a simple yet interesting silhouette with the monostrap. Perfect alternative to a two-piece .


Print On Print

blue-aztec-swimsuit by nakimuli

As a print lover, this swimsuit had to make my list. I also love the  frill detail on the top which makes it that much more interesting.



Kamokini-sleeveless scuba

This one piece caught my attention because of the exposure of the midriff which unlike other onesies, gives the illusion of a two-piece. I also the black bands on it.


Father & Son


Of course I didn’t leave the men out. This boxer style take on swim shorts is very interesting and of course you can get one for your little boy. Makes for cute pairing, I think!


Do you have any swimsuits you’re dreaming about for the perfect summer?


*images – www.andreaiyamah.com , www.zubaidazang.com , www.fashionbombdaily.com ,  www.nakimuli.com , www.kamokini.com , www.iamkhatleen.blogspot.com





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