What’s With Our Brows?


It is amazing how a  brow can define your entire approach to makeup  and we definitely seem obsessed with them in Nigeria! Everyone wants them defined, trimmed and on fleek, which is not a terrible thing because there is nothing as amazing for accentuating your features as a beautiful brow whether it has a little help or is entirely natural. 

I did not start caring about my brows till my later years in university and before that I was practically walking around with a budding mono brow. I remember a couple occasions where friends would swipe through my brows and be astonished that I had no pencil filling them in.

It was not until my sister (makeup consultant) had given me an earful about how I can tap into my full brows and make the perfect brows of them as anyone would kill to have brows like mine, did I take the plunge to get them trimmed. To be fair the girl I had put my beautiful brows in her hands was an amateur, so I was to blame for the catastrophe my brows became, but strangely that did not deter me. I just waited for them to grow out again and this time, the magic was amazing. The arch was great, my lines were perfect and I really needed little or no work to line them and then the obsession began.

I did not realize that I was obsessed  until I moved back home and finding the right beauty palour was a herculean task. I found solace in the hands of a few friends but I could not get them to do it for me constantly, so I attempted to do them myself and I ended up shaving my entire brow before I resorted to returning to my roots – a budding uni brow.

God, seeing my struggles, blessed me with a nice place to go to have them done and it has been effortless ever since. I just need to line the edges and it they look great!



Thinking about my brow struggles, I asked other ladies on #TeamSV how they handled their brows I got some interesting responses and ideas.

Nims has fairly regular brows brows (neither very thick nor sparse) with a nice natural arch which is great for her face shape so she doesn’t need to do much. She shapes them with a blade and lines them lightly to get au natural at its best.

brows 6


Samie loves a natural brow and is not very fussy about hers. She has always tweezed them herself because she had tried tried waxing but they never seem to get it to her liking so she sticks to tweezing them herself. Her natural brows are already beautiful and aligned, so I do not even see much work going into it but occasionally fills them out with a brow pencil. She thinks it isn’t quite the right shade for her, but it gets the job done.

Samie Samantha Dimka makeup brows selfie


Owgee trims hers very occasionally. Apparently we all like to keep them as natural looking as possible, who knew we did not like the Nike shaped brows?! Threading and waxing seem a little far fetched to her and a Davis brow pencil is enough to do the trick for her.



Eva has the perfect face, so her brows just requires a little work to tidy them. Although she is still discovering how she likes her brows, she prefers the work of her Airwoman pencil to give her the look she likes.

brows 5


Nikki has naturally arched brows and so she prefers to let them them grow out so when she trims them they come out as natural as possible.



We have shared our brows with you, we would love to read about yours! Share in the comments!





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