Whip it Out and Get Suited Up


This year has seen the revival of power suits and it has not only become a recent dress codes for celebrities. rather it is one of the trendiest wardrobe staple every lady ought to have.

I recall the times when the mere thought of a suit made me cringe because it was termed- outdated and less fashionable. With the obvious transformation, in this modern time and the incredible strong appearance it possesses, it has definitely grown on me. The resounding versatility of a power suit is what makes it a major and undying trend in fashion. Whether you’re office-bound or prepping for an event, the power suit is tailored to take you everywhere.

The power suit can come in different styles, be it an elaborate puffed- sleeves to eye popping colors and frayed trim, fanciful prints with knife-pleats, Plead ladylike blazers and wide tooth pant. The sharp or slouchy, checks or block colors, monochrome, well-tailored trousers teamed with coordinating jackets have flooded red carpets and after-parties alike while taking modern dressing a notch higher. Over time it has proven that business casual is anything but boring.

Our celebrities and style influencers have shown us ways to step out in a power suit without looking under or over dressed. Gabriella union, Mimi Onalaja, Marii Pazz, Lady Vodka, the likes of Lady Gaga and Tracee Ellis Ross have pioneered the idea of big suit energy. Sade Akinosho showed that a good three-piece with layering has enough energy to radiate a show. Even Bella Hadid revived the ’90s skirtsuit.

Quite frankly, a good suit is never a limited look. All you need for a memorable fashion statement is a power suit paired with the right accessories. It could be a touch of the cat-eye sunglasses there, a bold red lips here, a gold neck piece and don’t forget your footwear; either a heels or sneakers. There are so many different ways to accessorize a power suit and it all depends on the kind of vibe you want to channel.

While we are excited about its return to fashion just like it never left, we are hoping that this time it truly transforms into an enduring staple of the female wardrobe. We have long been fans of the power suit because it stands for much more than fashion – it is as much about empowerment (gender divide aside) of whoever puts it on.



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