What I Wore Today – Ifeoluwa Shebioba, Wednesday


Ifeoluwa Shebioba (aka Shebiking) is recognized on Instagram among his followers for his display of his style, without regard for what anyone’s opinion on it is.

He hand-paints hats and clothes and is currently working on his website to put them out there on a larger scale. Shebioba is on Instagram as @mr.shebiking.

Shebi has been sharing details of his outfits with us (see Monday and Tuesday’s) , and will be doing so all week, so keep checking!


My hair is still a mess today so I had to cover it up somewhat with the scarf.

Shebi 3

Shebi 6

The weather is the same as yesterday (cold) so I have the turtleneck sweater, and it’s tucked in because I want the emphasis on the matching belt and shoes, plus I like to tuck in regardless of whether I am wearing t-shirts or dress shirts.


Shebi 4Shebi 2

Shebi 5

Shebi 7

Shebi Wednesday


Outfit Details:

Scarf – eBay(Calvin Klein)

Sunglasses – eBay

Sweater – Thrifted

Belt – Thrifted

Jeans – Zara

Shoes – Thrifted

Ring – Karmaloop








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