Woven Blends On – Festive In Sequins


Starting November with this festive look in black and teal. The holidays are fast approaching and this long length dress is super appropriate for all the dazzling events that follow soon.


I particularly like the two toned look of this dress as well as the mesh and sequinned detail on the top part. Usually, I do not wear black because it makes me appear slimmer than I look – however, this dress has a pop of colour and the teal blends in well with my skin tone.

The dress comes in three different colours – black and teal, black and yellow and black and purple. I like all three variations, so it really just depends on your colour choice and skin tone.

Since the top part of the dress is a little dramatic, I wanted to keep this look simple by styling it with plain black heels and a plain clutch. If you want to be extra, coloured heels go too, as long as it is in the same colour scheme and not too far away, if not it might appear loud.


The dress can be styled to birthday dinners, weddings, anniversary dinners, dinner dates and just about anywhere. I would most likely wear this for something more intimate because of the details on the top part of the dress. You know how Nigerians can be? lol – you don’t want any mothers silently judging you at a wedding.



I am wearing:

Wannifuga maxi dress

Alexander Wang Heels

Zara strappy clutch






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