Yeezy Season 6 May still happen!


A couple of weeks ago when Fashion week commenced, a Rep speaking for the Yeezy brand said that there would be no Yeezy Season 6 show at the New York fashion week this year. Speaking to The Business of fashion the source was quoted to have stated;

‘There was never a show on the NYFW schedule, there was basically a hold in the event Kanye opted to show during NYFW. There will be a presentation or showroom for the Season 6 collection, just not during NYFW.’

We all assumed there would be no Yeezy season 6 after this but the source didn’t exactly say there would be no show at all anywhere, just that there wouldn’t be one in New York.

But just yesterday this came out on fan sites and we can’t help speculating on whether the show would still hold.

Be prepared people, Yeezy is coming!



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