Yeezy’s latest Campaign is all Nude and Sparking Controversy Per Usual


Last week when paparazzi images of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner started appearing online, we all assumed that Kanye West was up to another surprise campaign. We weren’t wrong.

A couple of days later Kanye sprung the not so surprising surprise campaign and we are perhaps just a little shocked, nothing from Kanye can be expected to be non-shocking afterall. The Campaign shot by Eli Russell Linnetz features models in nothing more than nude biker short tights and boots, with some wearing no clothes at all.

The models just lay around with their limbs contorted in various angles, wearing nothing more than the latest Yeezy booths, with some of them sporting blonde hairdos (Kanye’s favourite look on Kim) and looking like Kim K replicas themselves.

View images of the campaign below and tell us what you think of it;

Like this campaign wasn’t controversial enough, self appointed Instagram Fashion call-out brand Diet Prada downright accused Kanye of ripping off his campaign ideas from art brand Things Power Themselves run by Rita Minissi from her 2015 special series. The images do have specific similarities but, they are pretty popular poses in art photography we’ve generally seen before so…


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