Z Files Extra – About The Other Night (Or Another AFRIFF Party!)


We had a party. You know a good old party with the crew. The actors and actresses are by far the best bunch I have partied with and that’s a huge compliment you know? Especially seeing as we over here at the SV team are built to party hard.

Afriff14 Night2-314

It was so much fun. It started out a bit slow because we all had to queue up at the corner to get some drinks but once we all had our CIROC based devils in our cups – we were good to go.

The music was amazing, the DJ kept us going and going! Shout out to Gideon Okeke who was the MC of the Night. The crowd swayed and mingled to the beat and Ramsey Noah was by far the life of the party. Ramsey and Kunle Afoloyan were the greatest tag team of the night. I can honestly say that didn’t know they had it in them.

Afriff14 Night2-182

Afriff14 Night2-575

Afriff14 Night2-565

Afriff14 Night2-553

Afriff14 Night2-488

Afriff14 Night2-482

Afriff14 Night2-474

Afriff14 Night2-267

Afriff14 Night2-222

Afriff14 Night2-196


The curvaceous Jocelyn made the world appreciate her body even more – she was such a fun attendee! Dancing and having a jolly good time. Rita Dominic came off a little shy as the crowd pulled her to the front, along side Chioma Ude, who is the organizer of The Africa International Film Festival but it was all in good spirits.

Another memorable AFRIFF experience!


  1. I’ve seen most of this Afriff pictures and I’d like to know if the likes of Rukky Sanda,Tonto Duke and co are not part of Nollywood?
    It’s Afriff the festival for a special kinda people
    Everybody looked happy in the pictures


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