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I believe in unbending, unambiguous honesty... In certain loneliness that fits like cloth... I believe in the company I keep with myself... And silence disrupted only by the loudness of my thoughts. In words strung together like corals adorning my world. In 'mad' people who stand alone, believing and burning because they make me feel like i can do the same. Twitter - @nimyde Instagram - @nimyde

What Were They Thinking? – Taraji P Henson, Ceelo Green, Lady Gaga & More At The 2017 Grammys

The 59th Grammy awards took place yesterday and in all honesty, although some celebrities looked good in their various get up, the general fashion and style was underwhelming to be quite candid.  Continue reading

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Outfit 16

What She Wore – Lady Gaga Stuns In Versace For Her Brilliant Super Bowl Performance

Apart from being the most anticipated sporting event in America, the Super Bowl is also largely recognised for its iconic half time performances. For this year’s half time performance, Lady Gaga led the show in stunning Versace outfits.  Continue reading

Header of Shoesday Tuesday - A Walk of Art

Shoesday Tuesday – A Walk of Art; These Shoes Redefine Artistic Fashion

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem is Israel’s national school of art and established in 1906 by Jewish artist and sculptor Boris Schatz. Young students from this prestigious academy started an interesting conversation in the fashion world centered around art and footwear, and blurred the line between fashion and art once again with the A Walk OF Art: Visionary Shoes Exhibition.  Continue reading