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Want To Be A Model In Nigeria? These Are The Modeling Agencies You Should Know

Nigeria’s fashion industry has come a long way, this would have been impossible without models. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, so does modeling. Safe to say, it is a great time to be a model in Nigeria.
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Food Shack Header

Food Shack, Full Bellies & Happy Hearts

If you love food as much as I do, you would be more than excited to check out as many food joints as possible. The latest of my food hunting trips was to Food Shack. Continue reading

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9 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Stomach To Comply In That Fitted Dress

I wrote earlier, about searching for who to make bridesmaids’ dresses for a friend’s wedding. Did I ever mention that I am the Maid of Honor for the wedding? Anyway, I eventually settled for my good old tailor in Benin. Now the problem is not whether she will deliver. Instead, I am more concerned about how my stomach will fare in the fitted dress! Continue reading

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How To Side Hustle Your Way Out Of The Recession

This recession is rude. Even those who think recession is a word will admit that it is a real word. It is the word that explains why Indomie noodles that previously cost 35 Naira per pack now costs 55 Naira, or why one puff puff which you could previously last 3 bites, is now the same size as a malnourished lime, better still 50 Kobo coin. Should we talk about how much weight Gala has lost in the past year? Even my dear Fayrouz has suddenly gone from Jamie Lannister to Tyrion Lannister. Continue reading

Idera Oyeneyin Friday 2

What I Wore Today – Idera Oyeneyin, Friday

Idera Oyeneyin is a Fashion Stylist, Makeup Artist and a wiz in Programming, mostly known by many as a walking Walmart all of which she houses in her company, HeidisInvention.
Idera aka Heidi is a shopaholic.

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Natural Hair Bride Hair

Natural Hair Bride-To-Be? These Are The Hair Stylists You Should Know!

In recent years, more women have embraced the idea of wearing their kinky, coily or curly natural hair. Many have gone ahead to become natural hair brides. This has led to an increase in demand of stylists. Continue reading

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Your Menstrual Cycle Explained In Two Minutes!

Menstruation plays a major role in our feelings because it leads to fluctuation of hormone (like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone) levels throughout the month. Understanding the menstrual cycle (a series of monthly changes women experience as the body prepares for a possible pregnancy) goes way in easing up an otherwise stressful process. Continue reading