Fun Fashion. Real Style 17 Apr, 2024

11 Ways to Style the 'Size of a Belt' Mini Skirts

'Mini skirt should be the size of a belt?' This Tiktok sound has been playing on a loop in my head! Now, I won't go as far as suggesting a belt-sized mini, but hey, the sentiment hits home. 

Some of us feel that mini skirts are like a sartorial tightrope, a daring display of legs; while for others, it's an opportunity to flaunt and conquer. If you're ready to ride the mini skirt wave like a pro, fear not, my fellow fashion adventurers – I've got the ultimate style guide for you, one mini skirt at a time.

Boss Babe Vibes

Throw on a blazer over your mini skirt – instant power move! Whether it's a solid color or a pinstripe, you're ready to conquer the world.

Casual chic

The formula here is simple: effortless style meets elegance. You can achieve this by slipping into comfy, stylish slippers paired with a relaxed blouse. The message? I didn't try too hard, but I'm chic as I can be. *wink wink*

Colour harmony 

Colours, oh colours! The key here is to play with shades that complement each other or from the same colour scheme, creating a symphony of hues that blend like your favourite playlist. Think harmony, not a jarring cacophony of colours.

Plain and Posh

Here's the secret: a plain top gives you the license to experiment below. Whether you go for trendy boots or something more classic, your upper half keeps it neutral, letting the bottom half dance to the rhythm of your style desires.

Monochrome Magic: Keep it all in the family! Mini skirt meets top in the same colour crew. It's like a colour party, but oh-so-sophisticated.

Glam Night Out: Shimmer and shine, baby! A sequined mini skirt, a slinky bodysuit,or corset and heels that reach the stars. Bling it up with statement earrings – you're the night's star!

Matching Set: Consider purchasing a coordinated set with a matching mini skirt and top or jacket This ensures a seamless and well-matched outfit.

Sporty Twist: Sporty spice, get ready! Mini skirt with a sporty top – maybe a crop or a sports bra. Zip-up hoodie or track jacket, plus sneakers and a cap for that sporty vibe!

Boho Vibes:

Opt for a crochet, either a set or a single clothing item to achieve a bohemian-inspired look.

Edgy vibes 

Throw on a waist chain to add a touch of attitude, and oh, don't forget those awesome boots or Layer up with fishnet or tights to give that outfit some extra pizzazz.

Preppy Charm: Time to rock that mini in a seamless way! Combine it with a button-down shirt or jacket and ballet flats or loafers – preppy perfection, right?