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30s, SINGLE AND THRIVING - Episode 2

She got down from her car and quickly rushed to the front to inspect the damage.

The owner of the other car came out as well, if she was not so focused on the incident, maybe she would have noticed how well he smelt. The other car suffered more damage and looking at the model of the car, she sighed inwardly.

“Of all cars to hit, why did I have to hit a Mercedes Benz!”  She groaned inwardly

The car stared at her with its affected headlights, while the tail lights of her car glared back with barely any damage

“This is bad…” she muttered to herself.

“Lady is there an explanation to what just happened?” The man wore a calm face but she could feel his anger. She looked back to see the traffic that was building up as a result of their collision. “Well this is embarrassing…”

“I am so so sorry sir, I got distracted for like a split second, I swear it!” She lifted both her hands to prove she meant her words.

“Okay please, let’s move to the side, so we don’t hold up the traffic”, she said, “please I beg of you, I promise I have no plans of running away ” she quickly added before he could say something.

“Fine!” He said and walked to the car. She also turned to enter her car, while putting her hands together in a pleading form begging the tooting horns behind them.

They both drove into the Mega Chicken parking lot. By the time she had parked and gotten out of the car, she already had an idea.

“Once again I’m sorry for the…” she started once his legs touched the ground outside his car

“Please lady, the apology is enough, what’s the solution to this act of carelessness?”

She looked at him with her eyes wide open, with an expression that read 'no, he didn't!'

"Oga, the name is Dalia Duru, not lady…" She paused for effect. "And if you had not cut me off, I was going to suggest I call my mechanic to fix it, or better still, you call yours to fix it and I pay for the expenses." She took another pause. "It was a split second mistake and it could happen to anyone. I'll fix it."

"Erhmmmmm, sure, that's okay. Hold on." The man stuttered, obviously taken aback by her boldness. She felt pleased with herself. That will show him not to be a bully, mentally giving herself a pat on the back. She leaned backward on her car while he bent inside to retrieve his phone. Nice ass though, she thought, admiring his backside. She had ample time to peruse him as he walked back and forth, talking to his mechanic. The crisp white shirt he wore with his biceps showing a little bit.

Her phone rang again, interrupting her thoughts. She leaned in through her car window to retrieve the phone. It was her mother. She cut the call, not ready to have another argument with her today, especially not now, not when she was trying to be out of this situation. As if her tummy heard her, it made a grumbling sound.

"So I have called him, and he is taking a bike down here," the man said as he walked back to her, the man? I don’t even know his name. She thought. 

“My name is Dalia Duru” she brought out her hands to shake him, in an attempt to get his name too.

“Emeka Okoye, this is a rather unusual way to meet, right?" He smiled and shook her hand, the first sign of calmness since he stepped down from his car.

"Ahahahahah, yeah, it is," she smiled back, and their hands were still joined. Both parties didn't notice until her phone rang again, breaking the spell. She removed her hand and looked at the screen. It was Ada. She made a gesture of 'please give me a minute.'

"Where are you now? Gist don dey finish, and we are starving!"

“I’ll be there shortly, I had a little accident”

“Accident! Where? Oh my God! Babe are you ok?” Ada gushed out, she could also hear Kerri asking what happened? What happened? in the background 

"I'm okay, let me sort this out, and I'll soon be there," Dalia assured her while checking her watch to see the time.

"Please, how long will it take for him to be here? I need to go get some things inside," she pointed at the restaurant.

"I'm sure he'll be here soon, but you can go get what you want. He should be here by the time you come out."

"Okay, thanks," Dalia said, but as she walked away, her sixth sense told her that he was following her movements with his eyes. She smiled and put in more sway to her walk.


"She's just getting here now, oya let me call you back, yes, I will tell her," Kerri could be heard talking over the phone before hanging up.

"Who was that?" Dalia asked as she entered the house, immediately feeling the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Her car's air conditioner had been blowing out hot air.

"DD, abeg reduce your voice, Mikki just slept off now now." Mikki was Ada's one year and three months old hyperactive son, whom they all adored.

"Yes ma," she replied with a mock whisper. Immediately, Kerri rushed out and hugged her.

"Oh my gosh, thank God you're okay, do you feel any pains?" Kerri gushed on, completely forgetting the question.

Kerri was the mother hen of their crew. On the day of her passing out party from NYSC, her parents had planned to surprise her with a visit to Jos. The other three of the clique knew about it, so it was getting a bit worrisome when by 4 pm, long after they had collected their certificates, Kerri's parents were nowhere to be found. They had first tried the numbers several times but when they couldn't get through, they decided to let Kerri in on the whole situation. After calling Lagos and the airline several times, they chalked it up to bad reception service on the Abuja to Jos road.

It was by the hotel poolside where they had lodged later that evening, eating and enjoying the atmosphere, that they overheard some people at the next table lamenting. Ese, being the quiet one amongst them, picked up what they were saying and sent a text to Ada, who in turn sent a text to Dalia. Kerri's parents were on the bus that had an accident; her mom had died instantly, but her father was rushed to the hospital in Jos. All this was communicated to them by the bus office when they called and confirmed her parents' names on their manifest. He was going to be discharged the next day because the hospital said he was okay. Kerri had gone that morning, only to get to his room and find it empty.

Kerri lost her father due to the rupture of the left iliac artery.

Ever since then, Kerri had been overly protective of them all, which had its own advantages and disadvantages, but Dalia was in the mood to soothe her friend's fears.

"No worry babe, nothing major, just a scratch on my car, that's all," she cupped her face, making sure Kerri looked at her. "I'm OK."

"Are you sure?" Kerri looked at her with doubt.

"K, I told you not to worry, nah. You know DD would have shouted for the world to hear if she was hurt," Ada said as she signaled for the girls to move to the kitchen.

"Of course! Oya, come let's go and eat. Hunger wan kill person here," Dalia said as she was already walking towards the direction of the kitchen. Kerri was still watching her but followed her.

"So what's the amebo that could not be said over the phone?" Dalia said as she brought out the food from their nylon and arranged them on the kitchen counter.

"Kennedy proposed to Ese this morning and she said yes” Ada says while avoiding Dalias eyes 

"Ok, that’s it, I have had it, I’m calling her now!" Dalia said. She could feel her anger building up already….

What on earth is wrong with Ese!!

Danielle Anene
Danielle Anene

Danielle Anene is an HR consultant and a lifestyle writer. In her spare time she loves to delve into the world of fiction and romance