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30s, SINGLE AND THRIVING - Episode 6


The service at the children's church was amazing. Even though she was busy tending to the kids, Mrs. Tijani, the head teacher picked out a really great lesson for them. She had already agreed with the girls on where and the time they would have lunch, so there was really no rush for her to leave early. 

Once children's church ended, she waited behind to hand over the kids to their parents and put away their toys. When she first joined the church, she enjoyed attending the Sunday service in the adult church. However, she realized that she needed to commit herself to a specific department in order to be more consistent with her attendance. Since she loved kids, it was an obvious choice for her to join the children's department. It was helpful that she was the youngest teacher, so she was not expected to teach, but rather assist with organizing the class and maintaining decorum during teachings or movie time.

Right after she handed over the last child to his parents, she hurried to the car. She quickly checked the car mirror to make sure her makeup was still intact, and then reapplied her powder and lip gloss. She had chosen to wear her Stella McCartney One-shoulder Wide Leg Knit Jumpsuit and Giuseppe Zanotti strappy sandals, knowing that she would be meeting the girls after church. It was stylish for lunch, yet appropriate enough for church. Just as she was about to drive off, there was a knock on her car window. She looked to see who it was and saw that it was Steve, a member from church.

"Brother Steve, good afternoon," she greeted him with her automatic smile as she rolled down the window.

"Lady D! Are you in a hurry? Do you have somewhere to be?" he asked, lowering himself slightly to meet her eye level.

"Yes, I have to meet up with my friends and I think I might be running late," she said. Then, she added, "How was service?" as a friendly gesture.

"Service was good. I'm guessing you were in the children's church today," he asked. When she nodded, he continued, "Ah, okay. Let me not hold you up. I will see you next week," he smiled and signaled goodbye with his hands, standing up straight. 

As she drove off, she pushed aside the nagging feeling that she had been dismissive towards him. She resolved to have a conversation with him the following Sunday since she would be off duty and attending the adult church. Upon arriving at the Crust and Cream compound, she noticed that she was the first to arrive. She chose an intimate corner inside the restaurant for them to sit and promptly sent them a message to let them know she had arrived.

Ten minutes into scrolling through Instagram, Ada called her to find out where she was sitting. She spotted Ada entering the room with Mikki in her arms. As soon as he caught sight of Dalia, he struggled to get out of his mother's embrace and into hers. Quickly setting her phone on the table, she stood to carry the boy while Ada laughed and placed her bag on the table.

"One would think you were his mother the way he forgets me when he sees you," Ada said with a smile as she kissed Dalia on the cheek.

"How was the service?" Dalia asked, still smiling at the baby in her arms. "Service was great. I was in the kiddies' church today, but I loved it," she replied. With a baby voice, she playfully asked, "Did you miss me? Did you miss aunty?" while lifting him into the air.

While they were still settling down, Ese walked in with the waiter guiding her. She had her hair down and was wearing sunglasses. Ada playfully hugged her and called her the next ally. Dalia stood up with Mikki and embraced them both, enveloping them and the baby. 

Dalia teasingly remarked, "Madam, look at how fresh you look! And you even wore sunglasses on top." Ese laughed and brushed off the comment. "I can't even see your face well. Don't you want us to see the glow from the proposal?" 

Ese laughed again and waved it off. "Guys, please!" she said and then asked, "I'm starving. Have you guys ordered?" 

Ada responded that they haven't and asked if they should wait for Kerri. "Kerri? That means you want us to starve. I'll ask her what she wants so that by the time she gets here, her food will be waiting for her." Ese said as she pulled out her phone. 

Dalia's phone beeped, indicating a message. It was from Ada.

"Lets be calm, don’t say anything yet till Kerri gets here"

To which she replied, Yes Mum

“Let's place the order." She directed this statement to no one in particular as she reached for the menu. As if on cue, the server arrived to take their orders. 

Ese explained that she had gone to the village to start organizing things, even though the family house there was rarely used by her scattered siblings and parents who traveled in and out of the country. It was important for her to tidy things up because that's where the introduction would take place. 

Twenty minutes later, while they chatted and Dalia distracting Mikky with her earrings, Kerri arrived late. They playfully teased her for always being late. Kerri responded with a small smile, "I actually planned to come early, but ended up falling asleep after getting dressed. You should have called me guys."

“Na so” Ada, Kerri and Ese replied together and laughed at their response.

Their food arrived quickly, and they eagerly began eating. Dalia had ordered extra mashed potatoes, anticipating that Mikky would try to take some from her plate. It was amazing how Ada entirely left Mikky in Dalia's care while she acted like a single lady. Although Dalia didn't mind, as she loved the boy dearly.

As they enjoyed their meal, Kerri inquired about why Ese was wearing glasses. Dalia pinched her thigh under the table to silence her.

"Ese, what are you hiding behind those glasses?" Kerri asked again. That was just like Kerri - always playing the mother hen, making sure everyone was okay, but also quick to ask questions when something seemed off. 

Ese chuckled softly and said, "Kerri, please, I'm too hungry for this. Let's eat, please."

Ada picked up her phone for the umpteenth time, while Kerri's phone beeped and she glanced at the screen before returning it to the table and resuming her meal. The only sound came from Mikky, who continuously reached for Dalia’s glass of water. 

After a while, Dalia dropped her cutlery on her plate and uttered, "I can't do this." 

Ada let out a sigh. Kerri shook her shoulder in relief. 

Dalia paused for a moment, then asked, "Ese, care to explain why this wedding is being rushed?" 

"Dee,you're forgetting the part where Ese claimed she was done with the guy before embarking on her trip. And now this?" Kerri chimed in, shifting her gaze to Ese. 

Dalia added, "And please take off your glasses. We can't see your face!"

"You guys, let's finish our meal first," Ada pleaded, looking around the table. Ese continued eating, while Kerri and Dalia glared at her.

"I'm full," Dalia replied, still not taking her eyes off Ese.

"Same here," Kerri said. "Ese, are you going to keep ignoring us? We're not leaving this place until we get answers. And please, for the love of God, take off your glasses!"

Ese sighed heavily and dropped her cutlery onto the plate. She looked at them and asked, "Why are my shades a problem here? I want to put them on."

"I agree with them. Just take off the glasses for a bit, at least," Ada spoke up. 

Ese reached for the glasses and yanked them off. "There! Happy?" she asked, breathlessly. 

The three ladies gasped!

Danielle Anene
Danielle Anene

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