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4 mouth-watering Easter Lunch Ideas You Need to Try This Holiday

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your celebratory feast. 


But have you considered the idea of switching it up this year?


Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a classic Jellof rice, White rice and stew or fried. 


But why stick to the same old, same old when you can spice things up and surprise your loved ones with a spread they won’t forget?


Let’s talk about some mouth-watering lunch ideas that will take your Easter gathering to the next level.

Agidi and Pepper Soup



Agidi and Pepper Soup may not be the most conventional Easter dish, but it is one that your guests and loved ones will enjoy. You can pair the agidi with pepper soup which is usually made with a variety of meats such as chicken, goat or fish. Ingredients to prepare this dish include Assorted meats (chicken, goat, or fish), onions, bell peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, Utazi leaves or uziza seeds, seasonings and spices

Nsala soup and pounded yam



Nsala Soup, also known as "White Soup," is a traditional Nigerian delicacy that's perfect for Easter lunch. Ingredients used to prepare this dish include catfish or any other choice of meat, pounded yam, uziza seeds, crayfish, etc

Pineapple fried rice



Looking to add a twist to the usual fried rice for Easter lunch? Pineapple Fried Rice is the perfect dish for you! It is a festive and unique dish that will impress your guests and loved ones this easter. To prepare this dish, you will need ingredients like rice, pineapple chunks, shrimp, chicken, carrots, peas, ginger, garlic, seasonings and spices.

Asun rice 



If you prefer spicy food, look no further than asun rice. This dish is made from spicy grilled goat meat combined with rice and some vegetables.

Tips for hosting a memorable Easter gathering

Now that you have your menu planned, here are some tips to help ensure that your easter gathering remains one for the books


Plan ahead: Decide on the dishes you want to prepare, shop for ingredients, and prepare your plates and other wares for serving ahead of time.


Set the mood: Create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with soft lighting, festive decorations and some background music to set the mood for your easter fest



So there you have it - some exciting lunch ideas to help make your Easter celebration this year a different but memorable one. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced cook or not, these recipes are easy to prepare and will definitely impress your family and friends. 


So go ahead, get creative and make this Easter one to remember! Happy Easter, everyone!


Team SV
Team SV

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