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Accessories Faux Pas to Avoid In 2024

Maybe a big goal for you in 2024 is to put more effort into your look, include thoughtful pieces in your wardrobe, up your fashion game, or even begin to look like your favourite Pinterest boards.

We get it! 

Your fashion style is a big way to express yourself, build your self-confidence, and get heads turning when you step out. 

However, a big problem is not knowing where to start, and just like your favourite Pinterest boards or your top fashion trendsetters, one thing they try as much to do is accessorizingaccessorize the right way. 

You don't need to have the most expensive outfits. The way you fix up an outfit can take your look from basic to pro but first, you have to ditch this accessorizing faux pas. 


Wearing Your Smartwatches with Every Outfit. 


This is one common mistake a lot of people make because wearing a smartwatch not only is suitable but can also convey a tech-savvy impression which can be used as an excuse for a fashion blunder. 


There are a lot of situations where putting on a smartwatch isn't necessary. For instance, going to formal events or an after-party wearing a beautiful evening gown or a traditional Nigerian Ankara outfit with a sporty smartwatch can distract from elegance. In this situation, consider swapping for a bracelet or traditional jewellery that matches the look.

Sunglasses that don't go with your outfit. 


The style of your sunglasses should match the overall aesthetic of your outfit and the occasion whether formal, chic, casual, etc. 


While sunglasses are a very common accessory, you may wish to go for a specific look with them. For example, matching the colour of your sunglasses with your outfit or, pairing them with a fun, bright outfit.


If you have no idea how to start, try matching the colour of your sunglasses with this little formula, and as you learn more about your style you can include more sophisticated combos in your outfit.

  1. Colour of the sunglasses + outfit

  2. Colour of sunglasses + accessories

  3. The frame of sunglasses + just one piece of clothing


Also, remember that if you are wearing bulky sunglasses with an outfit, that should be the only statement accessory as adding more could make the outfit too busy.


Wearing a Belt That Competes with the Outfit.

As simple as belts are, it's so easy to ruin an outfit with them. When the belt becomes a focal point that competes with the outfit, it can disrupt the flow of the entire outfit.

 For instance, pairing a heavy belt with an already busy patterned dress can create a conflict that draws attention away from the outfit and creates visual confusion.  

 Instead, pair that busy patterned dress with a tiny minimalistic belt which keeps the overall aesthetic you are going for instead of a big designer belt with large studs. 

Over Accessorizing an Outfit. 


Over-accessorizing an outfit can happen when there are too many accessories on a look. This fashion faux pas can occur with any type of accessory, like jewellery, bags, hats, belts, or even shoes, and they can also take away from the look completely. 

 A little solution to always remember is not to have more than 4- 5 accessories in your look. When in doubt, go for less. 

Wearing Worn-out Accessories. 



Worn-out accessories, like faded colours, can make your entire outfit appear less polished and well-put together.

In 2024 you shouldn't be going out with faded colors, peeled leather bags, or rusty jewelry. This fails to express your style in the best way possible and gives the impression that you don't pay attention to detail or take care of your belongings.

Always inspect your wardrobe and know when to replace things or repair them to avoid being caught off guard when you need that piece.


Wearing Fake Products. 

In 2024, it is now seen as a faux pas wearing fake items. Fake items are of low quality and lack authenticity. 

Wearing fake items can convey a sense of trying too hard to be seen or lacking confidence in your style. It may also lead others to question your taste or financial status. If you are to buy expensive designer brands, always go for the original or opt for a beautiful alternative from cheaper brands. Just not fake. 


Wearing Trendy Items All in one Outfit. 

 Just like the fake items, wearing all trendy items in one fit doesn't make you look stylish at all. Instead, It looks like you don't have a fashion style of your own and badly want to feel among.

You could wear one trendy item like a bag or shoes with your basic outfits and style it the way you want without creating a terrible fashion statement. 


 Underdressing To an Occasion. 

This by far is one of the most embarrassing mistakes a lot of people make which is not only awkward but uncomfortable and messes with your confidence. 

If you are not sure of what to wear, you could get ideas by checking online for other similar events and seeing what others are wearing. 

Always remember that it is better to overdress for an event than to underdress. Like Nigerians say never be caught un-fresh. 


Wrong Bag, Wrong Occasion. 


 You should not be wearing a tote bag to a dinner party. That is a fashion crime!

Pick the right bag suitable for the occasion. You can do that by first taking into consideration what you need to carry. If the bag is too small, maybe go for something medium, to avoid having other little bags which can also ruin the aesthetic of the outfit. 

For formal occasions, fun events, or after parties, a clutch bag is the perfect go-to.


Wrong Color of Underwear. 

 This might not be considered an accessory, but can destroy a well-thought-out outfit. 

Don't wear colours like blue, red, or even white because it draws attention when wearing light colours like white. Always go for nude colors that, Match Your Skin Tone perfectly to avoid seeing pantie lines. 



The most important tip is to go for what you feel most confident in and what fits your style. Remember that fashion is about expressing yourself, so never be shy to experiment and try out new things. 

Cheers to your fashion journey. 

Team SV
Team SV

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