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Ada Bekee in Malta: Things To Do In Malta

I got loads of DMs from Nigerians living in the UK, asking for affordable holiday destinations. As the plug that I am, I got my friend, Ada who lives in the UK, to share her Malta vacation story.

Ada’s holiday pictures were giving, infact when I saw her IG pictures, I said to myself “If this babe is still single by 2023, me myself will go and do small thing on her head”.

Like my pastor will say during Sunday service, “The next voice you will hear will be Ada’s voice.

It was summer 2022, I had long dreamed of an Italian summer but my friend suggested Malta and I thought “Hmnn let’s see how that goes’’. 

As usual, I was worried about nothing. Between Sicily and North African coast, the tiny Mediterranean nation of Malta is one of the best beach destinations in Europe. I had no expectation before my trip because I did not know many people who had been to Malta so I had not received much advice. This will not be your case after reading this somebody shout ‘‘Hallelujah!!!!” 

Malta is a beautiful country that is not spoken of enough, I was blown away by the culture, architecture, food, landscape, and weather. So, for those wondering if Malta is worth visiting? I say add it to your bucket list, now!!!

Leaving the airport and getting around

Malta is a small island. To give you an idea of its size, Malta is smaller than Ibiza. Taxis are affordable and the most common means of getting around. You can pick up a rental car to drive around the Island and make your holiday a Malta road trip. I chose to use an Uber as it was more convenient.

Maltese people are also linguistic pros! Most natives speak Maltese and nearly 90% speak English so I can guarantee you won’t be lost in translation. 

Things to do in Malta

Three Cities tour and Wine Tasting

We booked a Malta’s ‘Three Cities’ tour which included the cities of Cospicua, Vittoriosa, and Valletta, then sampled Maltese wine at a local winery. We explored the streets lined with historic churches and landmarks, listened to stories from Malta’s past, and saw some of the Island’s top sites. This tour included pickup and drop-off at select locations, as well as a meal and light snacks.

If you love architecture, Malta will make you lose your mind. Parts of the city look like they could be in the Middle East or North Africa. Parts look like Europe or even south America. Some of Malta are crumbling, while other parts are beautifully restored. I loved the retro charm of Valletta especially Strait Street, which used to be the hottest destination in town for drinking and people watching. We rounded up with wine tasting at a local winery. Overall, it was a gorgeous gorgeous day. 


At the hotel, they had water activities including jet ski, boat riding, kayaking and parasailing. On the last day I chose to conquer my fears and went *drum roll* PARASAILING! I almost died but I clearly didn’t because I am here typing this post. Grateful! It cost about 80 euros which wasn’t too bad.

Places to visit in Malta


Mdina (pronounced um-Dee-na) was one of my favourite places to visit in Malta. It is a beautiful city and most immaculate place on the Island, it’s also the oldest continuously inhabited city on the Island dating back 4000 years ago to when the Phoenicians founded it. Mdina takes its silent status seriously and very few cars are allowed to enter the city so I explored it on a horse and carriage ride which was so much fun.

Can we also talk about the Maltese doors? The more I looked, the more I noticed the intricate iron work, wood panelling and beautiful vibrant colours. Each door is so diverse that it stares back at you like human portraits. I found them captivating and demanding my full attention. A thing of beauty!

What is there to do in Mdina? This is a city that’s best seen while getting lost in the back streets. Follow an alley and see where it takes you. Oh, and take loads of pictures! 

Blue Lagoon

You’ll want to spend lots of time on the water in Malta. The Blue Lagoon is a must see and Comino Island’s coastline deserves a full day of exploring by the sea. As an Igbo babe, I don’t play with water or the creatures of the marine kingdom so I opted for a sunset cruise. It’s a shame that I can’t swim as it was the most turquoise blue water but it was still a beautiful experience.


When in Malta, exploring Gozo is a must!

Gozo is an Island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 21 that make up the Maltese archipelago. It is Malta’s best kept secret with a gorgeous scenery and peaceful atmosphere. To get to Gozo you will need to catch the Gozo ferry which departs from the northernmost point of Malta. If you are travelling from Valletta to Gozo, you can take the Gozo Fast Ferry.

The narrow roads of Gozo Island can be hard to navigate so we opted for a jeep tour and got the best tour guide! You can Dm for his contact.

We went from the beach to the limestone quarry, to the grand temples, to the beautiful Gozo cave and a small beautiful souvenir shop.

The best day ever! Overall, it was a wonderful holiday and I can’t recommend Malta enough.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed reading from Ada.

Until next time, 



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