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AMVCA Cultural Night: Glamour or Missed Opportunities?

AMVCA Cultural Night 2024

On May 10th, at the AMVCA cultural night, the fashion noticeably lacked the usual star power.


Expectations for a premium cultural display weren't met, with many opting for the safe choice of the Benin bride look, donning red dresses and Ewuu_Ive beads, which felt more like a uniform than a standout fashion statement. 


However, amidst the sea of sameness, a select few made an effort to stand out, bringing some much-needed excitement to the event.

Starting off strong is Roseline Afije, popularly called Liquorose. Asanwa! Omalicha Nwa! Going by an Igbo royalty theme, she looked incredibly stunning, from the intricate details of her dress and its structure to the blend of colours - green and pink. Rose brought her A-game to the best-dressed team.



This look isn't exactly at the top of my list, nor is it second or third. It's a style we've seen quite a few times before, styled by Medlinboss. There's a noticeable resemblance to Liquorose's attire from last year's AMVCA cultural night and Bimbo Ademoye's outfit from the "Anikulapo Rise of the Sceptre" movie premiere. Here's hoping for some fresh creativity next year!



The Akpofures stole the spotlight and completely dominated the scene—a true representation of "Urhobo Don't Carry Last." Their entrance was nothing short of daring, with the fire display and all, but undeniably creative, perfectly complementing the theme of their outfits and delivering quite a spectacle.

Venita, who shone brightly as the diamond of last season's best-dressed females, arrived in ISEKIRI ROYALTY with her cousin Neo Energy, and together they clinched the win. All we can say is that it was well deserved!



Yemi Cregx, who won last year's best-dressed title, absolutely nailed it again this year. 


His choice of fabric gave us luxury, going beyond the basic agbada to serve us something truly memorable. With Yemi's outfit in mind, we can sleep well at night, with sweet dreams of his style. 

While he may not have snagged this year's best-dressed award, he has undoubtedly won the hearts of many, including ours.



Saga did this thing with his look, representing Yoruba culture perfectly. He oozed confidence and style, embodying the essence of Yoruba heritage with every detail of his outfit. His ensemble earned him a well-deserved spot in our best-dressed section.



Tacha's caption, "Go hard or Go home," seems to call for serious effort. So, Tacha, it's time to pack up because you're not going hard enough, just kidding or not. We always enjoyed Tacha's presence on the red carpet, and she didn't disappoint with her energy. While she looked amazing, perhaps we can cut her some slack for giving something different and chic.


Sophia Chisom brought a pretty face, a pretty dress, and great effort to the table, but can we see something other than the expected Benin bride or queen theme? We're craving something creative and interesting to look at, which unfortunately wasn't the case this time.


Bisola turned the cultural night into what seemed like a second-grade asoebi themed party with her look. However, the colour of the headpiece was significant with the family brand she hosted. 



Now, less talking and more pictures! Here are looks from the Cultural night.











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