Fun Fashion. Real Style 18 Jul, 2024

Ayra Starr’s - The Year I Turned 21 has me in love

Everywhere I turned this past weekend was a whirlwind of love and engagement, and my head is pretty much still in the clouds, so I am seeing things from a lover girl’s perspective.

While I typically gravitate towards individual songs, attending Ayra's listening party was transformative. Witnessing her genuine joy as the music played painted a picture of an artist deeply invested in her creation. It made me wonder – do artists ever lose that spark for their own work or do they have moments when they are irritated by their creation? Ayra's infectious enthusiasm resonated with everyone in the room, convincing me to give the entire album a listen.

Now picture this; you’ve probably being heartbroken a couple of times then you get to the point where you’re not having it anymore. To mourn your heartbreak while standing on business that this is the last one, you pull up Last Heartbreak Song, you probably would feel bad and cry but maybe by third listen the beat of the song kicks in and you are moving your body to the beat and telling yourself no more sadness but celebration for having the power to say goodbye. 

This album then takes you on a journey of self-discovery. You revel in your newfound freedom and resilience, feeling like the superhero in "Woman Commando." This song celebrates your triumph over past struggles and this is very relatable as we’ve all being there in our own way.

Just when everything is looking up for you, you know that annoying ex that keeps trying to come back when you’ve fixed your life and picked up the pieces? Yes, those cockroaches. They’ll try, but you need to be firm with your “Goodbye”, especially now that you’re ready for a new love story. "Goodbye" is your firm rejection anthem, a declaration that you're ready for something new. The song perfectly captures the need for boundaries.

People often say you can’t control who you fall in love with, but I disagree. “Control”portrays the empowering act of choosing who receives your affection. "So many eyes in the room, but I got my eyes on you," sings Ayra, depicting the laser focus of a budding romance. This feeling can be both exciting and frustrating, especially if the other person remains oblivious. P.S: I know this because I am speaking from experience 🤭

Then, "Lagos Love Story" comes on. According to Ayra Starr, this song is for all the lover boys and lover girls. This is one of my favorite feelings because it’s what I picture when I think of love and what I wish everyone could experience. The lover girl in me has this as my favorite song on the album. 

Have you listened to the album, let us know your favourite song on #TYIT21

P.S.: Your first listen shouldn’t be on shuffle. Follow the track list and enjoy the journey Ayra Starr takes you on. “The Year I Turned 21" is a beautiful journey of growth, love, loss, and self-discovery, all wrapped in the infectious energy of Afrobeats.