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Celebrating All the Powerful Fathers: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

The immeasurable love, dedication and strength you bring to your families.

Let the mothers step aside (just for today, ladies!) because it's finally Daddy's time to shine! We're spotlighting the heroes of our families, the ones who provide, protect, and guide us with unwavering love and dedication.


In celebration of Father’s Day, we spoke with some incredible dads - Frank Edoho, Timi Dakolo, Stan Nze, Noble Igwe, Niyi Lawal and Emmanuel Oyeleke on how being a father has reshaped their lives and the best part of being a dad!




How has becoming a father changed your life?

Oh, it's a huge responsibility!  You suddenly realise you have to be a role model, provide for your family, and create a favourable environment for your child to grow. I mean, it's like, wow!  The realisation that you have to point your children in the right direction, raise them, and be there for them through every up and down. You know, it's like, I got to be the knight in shining armour for my family now! 


That's amazing. What's the most rewarding part of being a dad?

Seeing my children smile and making them happy is the best! Being their rock, their shoulder to lean on, and teaching them to never give up.

It's incredibly fulfilling. You know, when they come to you crying and you get to be the one to comfort them, it's the best feeling in the world!





What's the most rewarding part of being a father? 

The fact that it makes me happy.

Just no matter how tough my day has been, whatever the storm is on the outside,I know that I can come home and come home to genuine peace. A boy who is blabbing and just sees me, wants to depend on me, wants to hold me, It's just inner peace. And anyone that knows me knows that I cherish anywhere there is peace, love and harmony.




I have learnt so many things but the most important lesson is that a child will change you and no matter how prepared you are, you will never be prepared enough for the changes.

Before I became a father, I loved myself more than I loved anyone else but that’s not the story today.





What is the essence of Fatherhood?

Men must do all the can to succeed on the family front.

If you fail on the family front, you have failed. Family is the reason why.

Fatherhood is beautiful because it cultivates a high level of accountability, responsibility and a stubborn drive to succeed.



How has Fatherhood reshaped your life?



Fatherhood is a blessing, bringing and nurturing another being is a fulfilment every father is proud of. This has shaped my decision-making towards every step and action I take, there is always a question of ''How will this affect my heir?'' You have to constantly learn support and unlearn command. Being a father is one of the greatest gifts I received and that’s non-negotiable. As a father in business, I refer to myself as a DADprenuer


Emmanuel Oyeleke

Fatherhood has opened me up to new depths of love, new experiences, and new opportunities to learn from my son. It’s a beautiful balance between the feeling of joy and the weight of responsibility.



As we celebrate Father's Day, we reflect on the incredible journey of fatherhood. The role filled with unparalleled joy, profound love, and meaningful challenges. Today is a reminder to cherish every moment spent with your father, to celebrate the bond shared, and to appreciate the opportunity to learn from them.

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there – may we continue to embrace the beauty and responsibility of this journey.

Enjoy your special day!



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