Fun Fashion. Real Style 19 Jun, 2024

Emmy Kasbit closes Lagos Fashion Week 2023 with a Stylish Homage to Heritage

Emmy Kasbit's collection for Lagos Fashion Week 2023 was a celebration of African heritage.

This collection was a beautiful tribute to his late father and paying homage to the revered men of the Ekpe secret society, Emmy Kasbit designed a collection worthy of the standing ovation that it received. 

He took us on a journey as each piece introduced the next. He introduced silk, with an ombré effect. Kasbit's signature Akwete material, hailing from his hometown in Abia state, took center stage, giving birth to commanding power suits and skirts in a dynamic palette of colors that includes shades of grey, pink, and powder blue.

Choosing a favorite piece from this captivating ensemble is an impossible task, for each creation is an embodiment of desire and I would do anything to wear. *wink wink* 

So yes, Emmy kasbit should call me before I take matters into my own hands. 


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