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Five Things Gbubemi Ejeye is Loving Right Now

Gbubemi Ejeye is a renowned Nigerian actress and model, she gained widespread recognition for her exceptional roles in the acclaimed film "Citation," as well as the TV series "Far from Home," "Atunwa," and "The House of Secrets." Her talent also graced the television series "Shuga" and "Quam's Money.

She recently shared with us Five things she’s loving right now;


Life lessons!!!! I love to listen to people’s experiences, thoughts, theories… if not, how will I know what’s out there? Some are life changing and there’s just some bullshit but I take what I can use and discard what isn’t for me. 


My thoughts can sometimes be all over the place and anxiety can be an issue for me and I have been working on being present and organising my thoughts and this has helped tremendously. I love to be cool, calm, collected and this takes me there. 


There are so many types of tea to explore and enjoy and they bless your body richly. Green tea has always been a favourite but been branching out recently, tasting new ones and there are so many benefits. Now I choose what tea to drink based on how I’m feeling. 


Pure elegance and richness. I get asked every time I use this what fragrance it is. I smell sweet and also like money, I can wear this anywhere! 


This harmattan that wasn’t even as serious as the ones we’ve had in other years really dealt with my lips. My lips have been cracking and this has been a holy grail for my lips.

Team SV
Team SV

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