Fun Fashion. Real Style 18 Jul, 2024

Five Things Maria Okanrende is loving right now

Journalist, Multi-Award winning Broadcaster, and mother of one, Maria Okanrende is also kept busy working as a compere, voice actor, YouTuber, and TV and radio personality.

The former co-host of  Morning Rush on The Beat FM 99.9, (and one of the on-air personalities that changed the face of Nigerian radio in my opinion) is also an actress, and made her acting debut on Season 3 of MTV's Shuga playing the role of Foye. She also made an appearance in the Ndani TV web drama series Gidi Up.

She is currently a Freelance Producer and Reporter at BBC 1xtra and BBC Africa, and is also an entrepreneur and owns a cosmetics company called Malice Cosmetics. 

We got her to tell us about five things she’s loving right now and we’re happy to share - 

Koi Restaurant 

As you know I love to eat, and one of the restaurants I like to visit when I’m in town is Koi in VI. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried on the menu so far. That’s very rare for me. Plus their apple crumble is incredible.

Dressing up 

Lately experimenting with various colours, patterns, fits and lengths has been really exciting for me.

I could wake up today and throw on neon green heels with a pink dress. I just don’t care ha ha! As long as I feel good in it, I’m wearing it. I feel bold and confident, and I express this through my clothes.

I want Maria to be represented in everything I wear.


Throughout my life I’ve been told to drink water, and as much as I liked it - it often felt forced. But now I absolutely adore water. It’s my favourite drink. 

I can’t drink less than 500 ml in one go. I drink water first thing in the morning. I also enjoy snacking on water. 

I drink between 2.5 and 3.5 litres a day but I aim for a minimum of 3 litres.

Body confidence 

I was never a fan of my figure throughout most of my life. I always felt that my shoulders were too broad for my frame, my triceps were too thick and my chest was too small.

But after becoming a mother, I realised that a woman’s body is to be respected and cherished. And if I didn’t consciously decide to start loving myself and everything about me, then I would constantly be looking to others for love and validation.

I mean of course there’s room for improvement but I’m blessed and I thank God for what I have.

Spending time in Lagos with my daughter 

My baby girl and I are having so much fun! Brunches, dinners, shopping, beaches, the enjoyment is too much!

I brought her here for the first time when she was about 5 months old in 2020. I was still adjusting to motherhood so it wasn’t my favourite trip ha ha! However, this time around we’re both having a blast. 

She’s now independent, selecting her favourite foods, her own outfits, her shoes. So I think it’s more enjoyable for mommy because there’s more time for fun.