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Flat Sheets: Discover Creative Uses and Bedding Ensembles

Flat Sheet

A flat sheet, also known as top sheet is a large piece of sheet hemmed all around, originally designed to be placed between you and the duvet or blanket

However, it has become very versatile as it can be used in various other ways.

Here are some ways to enjoy your flat sheets:

Flat sheet becomes a decorative piece when it is embroidered or has trimmings on the border, that way you place them upside down and pulled down to show the beautiful designs when bed is made. 

Flat sheet can also be used as bottom sheets for those that do prefer them to fitted sheets and they are quite easy to use.

Flat sheet is used as cover for those that do not want to use duvet or in very warm climates. It is a great alternative to duvets and blankets.

Flat sheet is used in layering your bed for that full, luxurious bed ensemble and is placed between the bottom sheets and the duvet. 

2 Flat sheets can hold your duvet insert in place to create a beautifully laid bed without the struggle of putting into a duvet cover.

Flat sheet, when you do have the big size, can be used across different sizes of beds. You just tuck in and the bed is all made. 

One size fits most. 


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