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Glow Like the Sunset with "The Sunset Blush" Trend

Hey, beauties! Are you ready for the inside scoop on the hottest TikTok trend that is sweeping the beauty world?

 Grab your favourite blush brush because we're getting into "The Sunset Blush" trend, and it's giving us all the dreamy feels!

Picture this: You're walking down the street, and the sunset's warm glow is painting your cheeks with its magical hues.

That's the vibe we're talking about with "The Sunset Blush" trend! Created by Alissa Janay and endorsed by beauty enthusiasts like Jackie Aina, it's all about bringing that golden-hour glow to your makeup routine. 

What exactly is "The Sunset Blush"? 

Well, it's more than just a makeup technique; it's an artistic masterpiece inspired by the hues of a setting sun. Think warm oranges, hot pinks, and a touch of shimmering gold strategically blended to recreate the colours of dusk on your cheekbones.

How do you achieve this look?

 It's simple! Just follow Alissa Janay's lead: apply dots of pink and orange blush along your cheekbones, followed by a stroke of gold liquid highlighter for that extra luminosity. Blend it all together seamlessly to achieve that coveted sunset-inspired glow.


While Alissa used Elf Cosmetics' blush duo and Milani Cosmetics' gold highlighter for her rendition, feel free to experiment with your favourite products to make this trend your own, there's no strict rulebook here. 

You have the creative freedom to tailor this trend to your preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle hint of colour or crave a bold, vibrant look, "The Sunset Blush" allows you to express yourself with finesse.

In essence, "The Sunset Blush" trend invites you to embrace the beauty of nature's most spectacular and infuse it into your makeup routine. Whether you're a makeup newbie or a seasoned pro, this trend is calling your name. 


So beauties, let’s make every day feel like a sunset stroll. Until next time xoxo!!


Team SV
Team SV

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