Fun Fashion. Real Style 2 Mar, 2024

HOOPS: How to Wear Them Like a Pro

Girl, it is time to ditch those boring studs for dramatic hoops.

It is not every time, Grade 5 studs. Be the drama, let them stare at your neck, till they break their necks.*wink wink*

I believe hoops are an essential part of  the black girl magic aesthetic. They are empowering, and can elevate a simple outfit from a 0 to a 100.

And when you take them off, the world knows that you are ready for a fight.

For latino women, it is a right of passage. It is not a mystery why they are so beautiful and confident.

Please take note of these while rocking your hoops;

  1. Do not wear with another flashy jewellery 

  2. Remove your earrings before carrying babies. You know those humans have a very tight grip.

  3. When you are about to put someone in their place. I only encourage violence  when the need arises. 

Here are some of the ways to wear your hoops. Courtesy of the gorgeous black women.

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