Fun Fashion. Real Style 18 Jul, 2024

Lagos Fashion Week 2023 - Runway Day 2: Ugo Monye Closes Day 2 with a Bang

Lagos Fashion Week is well on its way and gaining momentum, and the excitement is palpable. Day 2 of this prestigious event was no exception, and Ugo Monye, a name synonymous with fashion innovation, African royalty, and embracing our culture took center stage and the audience responded with a resounding applause.

Ugo Monye's collection was a celebration of the richness and diversity of African culture. Ugo Monye brought his unique vision to the runway, and we were left in awe. His collection was a magnificent fusion of exceptional design, meticulous craftsmanship, luxurious fabric, and unparalleled innovation. From the intricate detailing that paid homage to traditions passed down through generations to the audacious and imaginative silhouettes that pushed the boundaries of style, Monye's creations spoke to the heart of fashion.

Take a look at Ugo Monye’s presentation for LFW23

As Lagos Fashion Week continues to unfold, we anticipate more astonishing showcases, more creative revelations, and a continued dedication to preserving the rich heritage that makes African fashion truly exceptional.