Fun Fashion. Real Style 2 Mar, 2024

Lagos Fashion Week 2023 - Runway Day 2 With AJABENG, MARIAH BOCOUM, KATUSH

Day 3 of Lagos Fashion Week proved that fashion is not just about clothing; it's an art form that transcends boundaries, a canvas for artistic expression.


This loungewear collection is a delight for the stylish at heart, I mean all the sweet boys and girls please assemble. It's a love letter to comfort, skillfully crafted from the gentle embrace of cotton and linen. You can feel the '90s nostalgia in the oversized notched suit collars.


I believe I had an emotional connection with her pieces. She designed statement workwear pieces for women who were clearly born to own the room. She played beautifully with ruffles and ruching  with pac-man style prints, and Arabic writings using malia cotton.  What a beautiful way to tell a story using outfits.


I will simply call this collection monochrome meets earth. I love that this collection had cool and warm tones in it. To a layman this might look like a very simple collection with trench coats, jackets, dresses, and leather. But to me this is an incredibly stylish collection that would be relevant in every season.


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Team SV
Team SV

Fun Fashion. Real Style