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Lagos Fashion Week 2023 - Runway Day 2 With piiLLzz N PoiZn, SVL DESIGNS and GETO

As Lagos Fashion Week rolled into its illustrious Day 3, the runway was set ablaze by brands that dared to defy convention and they cooked up a storm on the runway.

piiLLzz AND PoiZn 

piiLLzz N PoiZn showed up and showed out in bold colours, floral patterns, playful ruffles and feathered details with Marie's vocals serving as a harmonious backdrop as the models strutted the runway.

Their collection was a garden of intricate floral designs. These roses gave us no thorns. The collection had dramatic and bogus sleeves, ruched maxi and victorian-style skirts. Overall, this was indeed a beautiful and colourful collection.


This collection had interesting use of denim and patch-work. This collection beckons to the cool and creative souls who dance to the beat of their own rhythm and I can't help but imagine artists like Asake seamlessly infusing their unique spirit into these pieces.


The title of this collection is “I LOVE HOME,” it shows that one can always be at home in style. It is filled with colourful adire two-pieces with love prints on it. It is a vibrant collection inspired by the designer's love for flowers. My favourite pieces were the sheer  lace suit, the rosette metallic number that would definitely announce my arrival and shimmery robe that reminds me of Purple Rain.

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Team SV
Team SV

Fun Fashion. Real Style