Fun Fashion. Real Style 2 Mar, 2024

Lagos Fashion Week 2023 - Runway Day 2 With Cute Saint J, Kente Gentlemen, Kiko Romeo


The SS24 collection from Kiko Romeo titled ‘EWALA’  was filled with colourful but soft linen pieces. This collection should be your first call before you take that flight.


Someone play me I am woman, I am sexy, I am divine.This Gentleman designed suits for women using Kente material in a way we haven’t seen before. 

Who would have thought that the famous Kente bridal material could be used in such a dynamic manner. It is a collection that shows how rich indigenous African prints like tie-dye is, It was a colourful collection with skorts, powerful trench coats and pinafores.

In the words of the creative director, he wanted to make a collection that made women feel powerful.


Cute Saint J opened the runway for day 2 of Lagos Fashion Week 2023.

They gave us knitwear vests, avante-garde style denim pieces with metallic patch work, show stopping ponchos and dresses. My favorite piece was the handwoven blazer set embroidered with love on its back. 


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