Fun Fashion. Real Style 19 Jun, 2024

Lagos Fashion Week 2023 - Runway Day 3 With Desiree Iyama, Lila Bare, Adama Paris, Eki Kere

As the final curtain descended on the on-site runway shows for Lagos Fashion Week 2023, these brands masterfully closed the fashion week in grand style.

Desiree Iyama

Desiree Iyama's collection serves as a powerful ode to women, ensuring their visibility, validation, and representation. She skillfully weaves elements from her previous collection into a vibrant tapestry of royal blue, mustard yellow, and lush green. My favourite pieces were the Bridgerton inspired damask ball dresses that is definitely the diamond of the season and a stunning metallic number that should definitely make Beyoncé give her a call for.

For the modern bride looking for elegance and style, this collection is the ultimate choice for a destination wedding.


What stood out for me in this collection were the jumpsuits with paisley patterns that reminded me of my favourite hip hop song and linen pieces.

Adama Paris

This was a star-studded denim collection with beautiful metallic purses inspired by art from the Benin Kingdom. The booty shorts combo was a personal favourite because I definitely see myself wearing it to a Beyoncé concert.

Eki Kere

Well known for her iconic bubus with raffia hem lines and sleeves. Eki kere delivered nothing less than a collection that sparked an emotion in the heart of its audience. 

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