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LILA BARE SS24 Collection at Lagos Fashion Week 2023

LilaBare debuted at Lagos Fashion Week on the 28th of October with the Spring Summer 2024 collection.

Kolam SS24 is a modern day reflection on the similarities in adornment between ancient East African & Indian cultures. Transcending through eras & continents, both regions adorn the body for the purpose of making oneself auspicious, attract good fortune and connect to one's soul.

With exploration between truly gender fluid and ultra-feminine styles, the collection seeks to empower the human bod in all its forms whilst embracing the common thread that connects all physicalities.

With robust textural applications & embellishments, Kolam is rooted in Gujarati henna designs, Maasai beadwork and traditional Indian sewing techniques that culminate into a contemporary perspective on ancient adornment & craft.


• 98% of all the materials in the collection are naturally grown in Kenya and are traceable to source.

•This season's hues are dyed with botanicals & unsellable agricultural excess including rosemary, tea residue & hibiscus.

There is only one synthetic dye used in the collection; it is Cradle to Cradle, Bluesign & GOTS certified.

• The LilaBare signature textile is made entirely by hand without carbon or chemicals. It was designed to look like linen, breathe like cotton & drape like silk.

It is developed in-house & exclusive to the brand.

• Kolam introduced block print technology to Kenya, adapting laser-engraving & artisan training. The Mehendi catsuit has over 100 block prints in a single garment.

The crochet textile was crafted by the nuns of Gospel God's Church in Kenya, using rain-fed Kenyan cotton.

• The collection is produced in the world's only carbon neutral garment manufacturer, set in a wildlife sanctuary in Kenya.

• Kolam features upcycled vintage saris derived from the local community of Indian-Kenyan women, whose saris originate in India from the '70s.

• Kolam is a blend of traditional Kenyan crafting & Indian tailoring techniques reinvented for the modern era.

• The collection was designed using 3D technology which reduced sampling waste by over 60%.

. The Kolam SS24 Collection is carbon negative.

LilaBare uses fashion design to take a holistic & timeless perspective on creating positive impact on our planet.

Take a look at the runway looks of LILA BARE at LFW 2023;


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