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Nwadiuto Rosman Expresses her Lover Girl Status in the World of Music and Fashion.

Strutting on Runways and hitting all notes; Chit Chat with Uto Rosman

It’s that time again – another Chitchat series! We are always excited about this because we get the lowdown on talented personalities in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Today, we are chatting with the fabulous Nwadiuto Rosman.


Nwadiuto, one-third of the famous Rosman sisters, is leaving her mark in the beauty, modeling, and fashion industry, and she's even dipping her toes into the music scene. Our conversation with Uto will delve into her modeling journey and her musical aspirations – it's gonna be a ride! So buckle up and enjoy every moment of it!

What are five things you are loving right now? 


I’m currently in love with Travelling, trying out new food, Tyla’s new album, swimming, and fresh Juice. 


What is the most expensive item you own? 


My Brain haha yessssssss!



Describe your dream fashion-themed party. What would the dress code be, and what activities or entertainment would you have?


It would be a fashion-themed party of generational fashion outfits. Every style in fashion that has ever existed from the late Stone Age to 5000 BC, to the late 80s to 2024. Then we watch a movie and play games.


What's your favorite fashion-related movie or TV show, and which character's style do you admire the most? 


The Movie “Cruella” this is such a great movie that gives depth to understanding that, with fashion, there is no limit. 



What's your favorite way to unwind and relax after a long day? 


I love taking a long shower and then head straight to bed and sleeeeeeep. 


Should we refer to you as a "Jack of all trades" because you're involved in singing, rapping, modeling, acting, and humanitarian work?


Please Don’t hahahaa I still need to learn how to dance.


Are you someone who values romantic relationships?


Yes. I am a serious lover girl, I love LOVE. 

I love everything about Romance, I am that girl in the girl group who is a preacher of love. 

Love is a beautiful thing, it has its ups and downs but you have to not give up on it to find LOVE. 



Can you share if your new song "The One" was inspired by a special person in your life?


Yes and No hahaha . It was truly inspired by Romantic Movies, particularly the movie called “ The Notebook”. I have watched that too many times. It's crazy lol. But it was also inspired by my dream to find Love. 



Have you ever experienced moments of insecurity about your appearance?


Yes, I have and the truth is we all do, we just need to make sure it doesn’t hold us back because our imperfections make us perfect. 


What skincare routine do you follow to maintain your skin's health and appearance? 


First off I try to eat healthy, drink water, cleanse properly, and moisturise my skin.  



When did you begin your career in modeling?


I began my career in modeling in 2017. I had just finished secondary school, and I spoke to my mum, requesting some time to pursue my career and gain experience before jumping straight into university. 


It wasn’t easy, but thankfully, my family supported me, and Jesus led me through the rough process. Starting from nowhere, doing my research, auditioning with hundreds of people... wow, it was a lot, but I said, "Ah, I must make it."


I’m not anywhere near where I want to be yet, but by the grace of Jesus Christ, I will get there. Amen.


Have you appeared in any movies? If so, which ones?


Yes, I have. My first film was in 2012 called "Teenivison." I did a lot of teenage films and series. Recently, I've been involved in projects like "2 Weeks in Lagos," "Tousled," "Crack in the Wall," "Brethren," etc.


Is The One your first released song? 


No, "The One" is not my first released song. My debut release is called "Don’t Give Up." It's a very special song that is dear to my heart and soul.


I was inspired by the hard work of people all over the world, particularly in Lagos, where I've seen people struggling and suffering just to survive.


My mum especially endured a lot to take care of my family, and witnessing her sacrifices, along with my own experiences, motivated me to remind people not to give up. Life can be tough at times, but we have to keep moving forward and not let anything bring us down.



What were the standout moments in your modeling journey? 


I would say the rejection because it has only motivated me to get to higher places in my career. 


Can you tell us about your creative process when writing lyrics or composing music?


My creative process for writing is quite similar, but also sometimes different. There are moments when inspiration hits me while I'm on the road, taking a shower, or during a shoot. Other times, I go into a quiet place and pray first, then start writing music. 

Can you share any memorable moments or experiences from your journey as a musician so far?


I would say a memorable experience I have had so far would be performing my songs to people. I’m an up-and-coming artist, and people don’t know me, so I love to always get their reactions to my songs and how I perform. I love it.



How do you handle criticism and feedback on your music?


Honestly, I would say I have handled it quite well so far. I always take good suggestions and constructive criticism, so it helps me get better at my work. But as for the hate, nah, they ain’t got nothing on me. I’m a child of God.


What do you think sets you apart from other models in the industry?


I would say everything about me. 


How do you maintain professionalism and positive relationships with clients and collaborators in the modeling industry?


I would say knowing the balance of when to be friendly and professional. 


Are there times you wanted to quit?


Never !!! Truth is, the devil has a way of constantly trying to bring us down. I've had times when I had to choose between my education and my career, among other situations, but I just know that this is what I’m meant to do. It’s always ringing in my head when I get so unmotivated and frustrated: "It is well." I always remember my mum saying, “Please remember that nothing good comes easy.” That is powerful.



Can you share any tips for maintaining confidence and poise during high-pressure situations like fashion week or major events?


I would go with Rihanna’s popular statement here because it resonates with my experiences during times of pressure and stress. 

She says “You are fearless every day and when you don’t feel like it, just Pretend that’s it”


What's next for you? Are there any upcoming projects or goals you're excited about?


I plan on dropping my first extended play, and can't wait for the world to hear my music. I hope to model internationally and star in great movies. 


Have you ever encountered negative media attention? If so, how did you handle the situation?


Yes, I have but I learned a lot from it. 


What techniques do you use to prepare yourself for a photo shoot or runway show?


To be honest, I start off praying and then definitely some good music to hype me up, to boost my confidence.


 Another thing is to always look fabulous. I love standing out in my fashion, it’s so important to me to look fantastic. 


Finally keeping a good positive attitude with an optimistic spirit that is open to learning new ideas, skills, and knowledge. 


What are your thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the modeling industry, and how do you advocate for change?


I love it, I love to see people of all ages, sizes and colours model. It’s just perfect 




There you have it, a glimpse into the extraordinary life of Uto  – strutting on runways and hitting all the right notes.


We send our warmest wishes to Nwadiuto Rosman, eagerly awaiting the marvelous chapters she's yet to pen. 


Here's to a future filled with boundless success and endless inspiration!


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Team SV

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