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Skinny Girl Still In Transit - Season 7 Loading!

Skinny Girl in Transit is coming back *screaming*. OMGoodness I truly don’t know how to feel about this; I have not decided if I am excited or petrified by this.

I remember when I first watched SGIT back in 2015; I watched the first episode with so much excitement. It was funny and so relatable but then it was annoying to have to wait 7 days for the release of the next episode, especially with the short episodes of 7 to 10 minutes *arrrrgh*. It was like waiting for the return of the absolute love of your life and then only being able to spend a very short amount of time with them after the long wait.

Thank God as the season progressed we got longer episodes.

To be honest, though I loved it and always wanted more,  I found myself wanting it to end after Season 3 and I will tell you why. With the end of each season I would see Tiwa get her happily ever after then a new season begins and it goes downhill. Season 3 ended with her sharing a kiss with Mide (the love of Tiwa’s life - the love of every SGIT female fan!) with TayIwar’s “Equestrian Love” playing as they kissed. I thought it was perfect and I wanted it to end there with Tiwa having her perfect love story.  

In 2017 I had a chance meeting with the writer of SGIT (Dami Elebe), and I couldn’t help myself - I asked her (more like demanded), “Please tell me we don’t have a new season?”. She was kind enough to indulge me and ask why I wanted to know. I replied with “With every season means new headache from Tiwa because she puts the S in spoil when it comes to her love life and my heart can’t take it”. She laughed and told me there would be a season 4, and didn’t tell me more.

We got the promised 4th Season, and then 2 more! True to form, Season 6 ended on a high note with Tiwa and Mide having a happy home and a baby. I don’t know what to expect in season 7 but I am scared! I am a hopeless romantic, so I don’t want their beautiful love to go south.

Looking ahead to the new season, I am curious about the Shalewa and her Mohammed storyline, and what will become of them. I also wonder if we may be seeing more of Mide’s sister; Derin. In all of this I trust that the series will keep  its original thread of showcasing body positivity, loving yourself, and being successful as a woman, deliver more comedy, witty conversation, and of course the romance that made us love Mide and Tiwa.

What are you looking forward to in this new season of SGIT?!