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The Irresistible Showstopper: Reliving Opara Boy's Looks at Lagos Fashion Week 2023

Lagos Fashion Week 2023 may have come to a close, but the echoes of its mesmerizing fashion spectacle continue to reverberate.

Among the constellation of stars that graced the event, one person that kept giving us memorable looks was The Opara Boy with his rosette appliqué and flowery looks.

With an array of looks that dared to defy convention, Opara Boy left an indelible mark with his street fashion.

With a keen eye for fashion that refuses to play by the rules, Okpara Boy served up looks that were not only eye-catching but show-stopping.

Day 1 of LFW 2023

Day 2 of LFW 2023

Day 3 of LFW 2023

He named this look The Bloom King

Custom : @oboylagos 
Floral head piece : @flowergirlnaija

Team SV
Team SV

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