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Top 12 Fashion Trendsetters Every Man Should Follow in 2024

Gone are the days when subpar fashion sense was tolerated and with men redefining what it means to dress with confidence and flair, there is no better time to level up your fashion sense as a gent than now.

 If you are tired of boring cookie-cutter outfits and want to revamp your style, you will agree that making such a big change can be intimidating.

But to guide you on your journey to style greatness, we’ve curated a list of men who are leading the change in the world of fashion.


Larry Hector


Speaking on the art of playing with colours and textures, Larry Hector is the gentleman we admire. His style prowess landed him a Vogue feature on the coverage of the best street style at Lagos Fashion Week, where Larry was the first image readers laid eyes on.

 From simplicity to classy sophisticated and edgy vibes, The Fashion model knows how to work it all. He's a master of embracing edgy silhouettes, textures, and colours as he has stated on Fashion Roulette by Thisthingcalledfashion "Colors is what he loves most about fashion."

We got our eyes on you, Larry! 

Enioluwa Adeoluwa



When it comes to fashion, Enioluwa always stands out. His style gives off confidence and originality which sets him apart as a fashion icon for the modern generation. 

 What sets Eni apart is his ability to effortlessly pull off any outfit, changing even the simplest looks into statements of fashion mastery.

 Enioluwa is the guy to follow if you are seeking a fresh perspective on fashion.


Jehoada Adamu



Meet Jehocreated, the rising star of Gen Z style! As a model, YouTuber, and fashion and lifestyle content creator, he’s got his finger on the pulse of what's cool and comfy.

 With a laid-back yet trendy vibe, Jeho rocks the Gen Z aesthetic, showing that style doesn't have to be complicated. 

 For my Gen Zs here is your fashion inspiration 

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu



Ebuka Obi-Uchendu isn't just another TV personality – he's practically a fashion Icon in his own right!

 What sets him apart? It's his ability to rock traditional Nigerian attire like nobody's business. Remember that iconic moment in 2017 when Ebuka practically broke the internet at Banky W and Adesua Etomi's traditional wedding in Ugo Moye Agbada? Oh boy, his Agbada game was so strong it made history and is still causing waves to this day!

 But wait, there's more! When it comes to suits, Ebuka's got it down to a fine art. Always keeping it classy in top-notch brands like Atafo and Emmy Kasbit, among others. He is  a symbol of confidence and sophistication. 

 Need tips on blending cultural attire with modern flair? Ebuka's your go-to guy! 


OkuSaga Adeoluwa

OkuSaga is an actor who captivates the audience with his charismatic presence both on and off-screen.

 Whether he’s gracing the red carpet or making a casual appearance, OkuSaga knows how to turn heads and make a statement with his fashion choices.

 Pay attention to OkuSaga to learn how to express yourself through fashion while letting your personality shine.

Denola Grey

Denola Grey is no stranger to pushing fashion boundaries. He marches to the beat of his own stylish drum, and that's exactly what sets him apart. 

 Embracing both his feminine and masculine sides, Denola commands attention with his daring and distinctive looks. He doesn't just play by the rules – he rewrites them!


Timini Egbuson



In Lagos's dynamic fashion scene, Timini, once known as the biggest bad boy of Lagos has embraced a new persona: the "Sweetest boy of Lagos” is one to look out for. 

 His style speaks volumes, seamlessly transitioning from tailored suits to laid-back streetwear with finesse. Timini's signature look embodies a unique blend of elegance and rebellious charm, making him a standout figure in Lagos's fashion landscape.


Yemi Cregx 


Whenever we catch up with Yemi at events, his fashion game is always on point. And most time we ask him about stylist, he casually mentions that he's the mastermind behind his own style

 At the 2023 AMVCA opening day/cultural night, Yemi's attire stole the spotlight, earning him the prestigious title of Best Dressed Male. With a nod to his Yoruba heritage, he effortlessly embodied the essence of a "Yoruba demon."

 Yemi's style is a harmonious combination of coolness and softness, making him the go-to guy for fashion inspiration.

Akin Faminu



Akin Faminu juggles two worlds – as a medical doctor and a fashion influencer, he's the epitome of style and substance.

 When it comes to looking sharp and stylish, Akin is the man with all the practical tips and actionable advice you need. From grooming hacks to accessorizing like a pro, he's got you covered.

Adekunle Gold


Adekunle Gold is more than just a talented musician - he is also a style icon.

 His diverse sense of style and fearless approach to fashion inspire men everywhere to embrace their personalities and express themselves through their clothing choices. 


Momo Bonvivant 


Boon, the fashion content creator, is like a walking rainbow – bold, vibrant, and unapologetically colourful. He fearlessly embraces a kaleidoscope of hues, and let me say this, he does it well. 

 What sets Boon apart is his remarkable talent for seamlessly blending colors. It's like he's got an innate sense of harmony, coordinating his outfits to match even the background in his pictures. Talk about being intentional!



David Adeleke a.k.a Davido


While Davido is primarily known for his chart-topping music and infectious energy, his fashion sense often goes unnoticed despite being a hidden gem in the industry. 

Davido’s style is unapologetically expressive. He easily combines streetwear elements with high fashion pieces, creating looks that are both eye-catching and trend-setting.

 If you appreciate streetwear, following Davido is a must to follow. You’ll get to know about the latest fashion trends, learn new ways to improve your street style and be inspired to express yourself confidently through clothing.



 In 2024, the fashion world is your oyster.

Follow these style influencers for inspiration and guidance to improve your style.

Go ahead and experiment with new looks, take risks and most importantly, own your unique sense of style.

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