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#BBNAllStars: What’s Hot on BBN All Stars

It’s week 6 in Biggie's House.

Okay, let's start off by saying that this season has been full of excitement and drama(gbas gbos is really more like it). There's always something to talk about, from one housemate to another. While some contestants who didn't succeed in their previous seasons are using this opportunity to make a name for themselves, others are acting like they're the kings and queens of the game. It might appear that luck is on their side, but we're not here to call them out. We're just here to discuss what's hot and buzzing.

Gen Z Baddie, Ilebaye emerged victorious in the Supa Komado challenge. A big congratulations to Baye! Neo energy also showed his prowess by winning the same challenge.

Mercy Ike, the queen of highlights, recently became emotional and got teary during her diary session. She expressed her longing for her bestie, Diane Russet, and the feeling of solitude. It's understandable, given that her kiss buddy, Kidwaya, and her odogwu Frodd have left the house . Only Whitemoney remains, and she's vowed to make him a king, as she told Ike.

The clash between Ceec and the housemates:

It began with Angel over CeeC’s energy during practice of their task assigned to them but Ceec felt hurt by Angel's reaction, expecting her to approach the situation as Ceec would by talking to her to find out what’s wrong with her. 

Another confrontation occurred between CeeC and General Pere and a number of housemates were on his side. Unfortunately Tobi Bakre who isn’t in the house got dragged into their fight as his name was been dragged from one person's mouth to the other in their fight.

According to CeeC's Instagram handler, she skipped house chores for her morning devotion, which didn't sit well with housemates like Cross, Pere, and Neo.

This post made on CEEC official instagram page has been deleted for reasons unknown to us. 

Omashola and Seyi also heat things up over a plate.  Lucy involved herself by standing against  Omashola, telling  him to lower his voice due to concerns about hypertension given his old  age. In response, Omashola called her ‘Maltida Principal’ and ‘Mama Seyi’ 

Well that’s it on today’s episode of what’s hot on BBN All Stars, stay tuned until next time!