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Nikki’s Picks – Stylish Instagram Photos Of The Day!

Today I decided to go on Instagram and pick a couple of individuals who looked absolutely stylish and fun. Seeing as it’s a week day and most people are either at work, on their laptops or trying to focus on plans for the day, they weren’t a lot. Continue reading

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Trybe, MH40 & Videos

In the world of an upwardly mobile fashionable guy, data is KING and until recently, I paid little or no attention to this. As someone that works in fashion, I’m regularly posting pictures on social media, checking pictures of others or streaming fashionable videos and for this, I need the right amount of data to stay at the top of my game. Continue reading

Header of Our Fave South African Male Models featuring Manni Kwen and Toyin Oyeneye

Our Favourite Models From The South Africa Menswear Week

South African Menswear Week just wrapped up at in Cape-town and this time around designers really brought their A-Game. This season has to be the most high fashion season – the fashion was less commercials and every designer seemed to have had a story to tell alongside their collection. With that being said, they needed models to bring their A-GAME. Continue reading

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Vivienne Odofin-Daniel’s Five Things Right Now

Vivienne Odofin- Daniel is a Brand and Business Strategy Manager at Distrimarq Global for top brands like Gucci, Guerlain, Bvlgari and several others. She is one person who loves the rush of creativity and enjoys being a daughter, wife, friend and above all, watching herself evolve.  Continue reading

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Watch This – MUA And Style Blogger Dodos Unveils Her Debut Style Lookbook

We all know Dodos as a professional MUA, who also does style  blogging on the side. In her latest video, she shows us a different side to her style blogging, as she showcases her favorite looks for the month of August.   Continue reading

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For The Life Of Mimi – #MimiOTravels: One Dallas Night

While in Houston, I decided to take a road trip to Dallas as it wasn’t that far away plus I had a friend there. My expectations for the trip were honestly pretty low and I was prepared for a couple days spent lazying around indoors. To me, after being in Houston for a while, there wouldn’t be much to Dallas anymore. Continue reading