#PFW Spring 2017 – Balmain’s Flowy Aesthetics Won The Day!

With each fashion week comes a new level of perfection and Paris so far has proven they are indeed the home of fashion with the Midas touch. Continue reading


Friday Night Fashion – Go Bold!

Fridays are by far our favourite day of week for many reasons and most especially the turn up awaiting us at the end of the day and as usual there has to be a little bit of style to perfect the day.  Continue reading


Fisayo Longe Of Mirror Me Launches Clothing Line, Kai Collective

London-based Nigerian fashion blogger Fisayo Longe of Mirrow Me launched a ready-to-wear clothing line, Kai Collective. The line up features sexy, chic and daring looks that will definitely appeal to most fashionable woman. Continue reading

Thank you card

Friday Feeling – A Roller Coaster Of Emotions

There are certain days when memories take you back to where you all started from and today is one of those days for me. I’m reminiscing on my journey to this point, starting from the day I moved to Lagos from Abuja, to getting a new job and all the amazing people I’ve been opportuned to come across.  Continue reading


What Does Your Mobile Phone Say About You? #HuaweiP9plus

Our mobile phones, like many of the material possessions we own, can give a volume of information on our attitudes and personalities. People often judge each other on what cars they drive, and clothes they wear; so it’s no surprise that people may also judge each other on what type mobile phones they whip out to use. Continue reading


Instagram Picks Of The Week – African Prints!

We know how much our #SVArmy look forward to Instagram Picks Of The Week, because of all the dope style inspiration that comes your way through it.  Continue reading